XC Skiing at Winding Trails

This past weekend we went skiing at Winding Trails located in in Farmington, CT and let me tell you, it was fantastic!  If you live in CT and enjoy XC skiing, you know how annoying it is to drive for 3 + hours to get to a decent XC ski center.  Who has time for that?  Thus why Winding Trails is amazing.

I know, you’re probably thinking, “Seriously, how good could the skiing actually be?”  Well after a heavy snowfall of say a foot or more, like we just had, the trails are surprisingly good! In CT – who knew?! There’s a variety of trails, including a skater’s loop that runs the outer edge of the property.

So if you enjoy XC skiing, but don’t have the time to spend 6 hours driving round trip to a ski center, I highly recommend Winding Trails.